Uglliness scale: Python <<< awk << p*** < SNOBOL4

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Aug 16 23:06:59 CEST 1999

In message <19990816205639474.AAA315.413 at>, John
Machin <sjmachin at> writes
>On 14 Aug 99, at 19:12, Robin Becker wrote:
>> I once described perl as being like awk on
>> steroids and lsd
>Actually perl is more like SNOBOL4 on sedatives.
I still have my snobol4 manual. All sorts of memories with that.
>There is nothing new under the sun. SNOBOL4, which was up to version 3 
>by 1969, had goodies like arrays (like Python lists, but with multiple 
>dimensions that were fixed when the array was created), tables (like 
>Python dictionaries), user-defined functions, user-defined data-types 
Robin Becker

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