Recommand a good book for learning Python

Michael P Lindner mlindner at
Wed Aug 25 03:49:24 EDT 1999

Alex <do826 at> wrote in message
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> Hi all:
> I want to learn Python Programming language, but I don't know which book
> better for a newbie. So I need some suggestions. Thanks a lot.
> P.S: Whould you like to reply one to my E-Mail?
> Regards
> --Alex

I am using Learning Python by Lutz and Ascher from O'Reilly. So far (through
ch 7) I really like it and have found it easy to understand. I also suggest
buying the Python Pocket Reference from O'Reilly; it's quite handy IMHO.
Mark Lutz also wrote a book called Programming Python, I have heard good
things about it, but don't have it myself as it's possibly dated (1996).

btw: I managed to rewrite a file formatting program I was having trouble
with in C++ the day I bought the book. gl :)


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