Why use Perl when we've got Python?!

Graham Matthews graham at sloth.math.uga.edu
Mon Aug 23 16:28:12 CEST 1999

xah (xah at weborder.com) wrote:
: On a personal note...  Do you know what a computer science degree is these
: days? They require you understand shits like lambda calculus, logic, graph
: theory, combinatorics, or even algorithms?? All for what? All the Perl
: programers I know doesn't understand any of these, and they all are making
: big bucks in fortune 500.

And here we have the true meaning of life revealed. The only point in learning
anything is to make big bucks in fortune 500. What a pearl of wisdom that is!

             So we starve all the teachers
                And recruit more marines
      How come we don't even know what that means
                     Its obvious

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