Tkinter newbie question

Greg Ewing greg at
Thu Aug 12 03:51:41 CEST 1999

Clarence Gardner wrote:
> So, is there a general way to know what to do after you've found a Tk
> function that you want to call?

Tkinter is a wrapper around the Tcl interface to
Tk, not the C interface. So looking in the C
interface documentation is generally not helpful.

The traditional way is first to work out how you 
would do it from Tcl (using the Tcl-level documentation 
for Tk) then find out how that interface has been 
translated into Python (by reading

There is also some alternative Tkinter documentation 
available now, written with less reference to Tcl terms. 

It's not complete enough to completely replace the
Tcl documentation, however.

To answer your specific question, I think you need
to use the geometry method of the window:


which corresponds to the Tcl "wm geometry" command.

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