Why use Perl when we've got Python?!

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Sun Aug 22 00:19:47 EDT 1999

>From: Tom Christiansen <tchrist at mox.perl.com>
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>Subject: Re: Why use Perl when we've got Python?!
>Date: 1999, Aug 13, , 5:44 PM

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> :The Python FTP client module is designed to be a base class, not a user
> :class.
> Man, that's just superclever.  You really expect to stuff all this
> complete OO crudolo down some poor script kiddie's  throat complete
> just because they want a library that's simple to use?  That's nutty.
> If that's all Python has, it's no wonder why they use Perl.  Sheesh.
> Regular humans need to program, too, not merely the duly annointed
> OO indoctrinees.
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Exactly. For the same reason I pity how far our society has advanced. I
remember we use to use Roman Numerals. When the Arab number system were
introduced, millions of people complained, including me. Similarly, when
typewriters are invented, I and others got extremely offended. I heard that
one guy said something like "no thank you, I can read hand-written letters
just fine". Then there's the electronic calculator shit. I am a hard-core
slide ruler user. I don't need sticking "calculator", and I don't want to
hear theoretical advantages. Why change when it ain't broken? I can go on
and on, but the most infuriating thing is the propagation of math in the
last few centuries. They fucking ram that shit down every one's throat,
including my children. I couldn't myself deal with infinity clearly.

I don't want to be tooo bitter, since it's all in the past. Let bygones be
bygones, and live today. I think the important thing for us programers today
is to vehemently support the Perl principles, and let no computer scientists
gave us away to some fancy theories. Let's try to stay 100% pure natural and
human. No this functional or OOP shit.

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