*** Parrot-0.0.1 released ***

Phil Hunt philh at vision25.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 20:26:39 EDT 1999

In article <935279776snz at vision25.demon.co.uk>
           philh at vision25.demon.co.uk "Phil Hunt" writes:
> It looks like version 0.0.1 of Parrot, my text-based GUI builder,
> will be ready within a day or so. It doesn't actually do anything
> useful yet; v0.0.1 is a technology demonstration version, which
> is intended to verify that the basic design is more-or-less
> sensible. Would anyone like to have a look at it, and possibly 
> suggest some improvements? If so, tell me, and I'll put it on
> my website.

Parrot is now on my website, at 

Phil Hunt....philh at vision25.demon.co.uk

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