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On 14 Jun 1999 10:34:30 GMT, Marc R. Poppenk <m.r.poppenk at> wrote:
>I'm looking for some one who can give me the answers to these questions:
>- Is a Python version for Novell Netware available?

By "a Python version for Novell Netware" do you mean a version of
Python that will run on the NetWare server itself or do you just mean
a version of Python that runs on a workstation running Windows and can
access information stored in NDS?

In either case, using JPython to access the Novell Java interfaces is
likely to be the closest you'll get right now.  NetWare 5 includes an
implementation of Java that runs on the server, so JPython should
theoretically run there since JPython is 100% Pure Java, although I
don't know of anyone that has tried it.

However the Novell Java interfaces are rather baroque and I found them
difficult to use, although I suppose that with JPython you could create
some Python wrapper classes.

- - Can it be downloaded somewhere?

You can find JPython at <>

You can find information on Novell's Java interfaces at

>- Do I have to port Python for Netware myself?

I would love to see a module for Python that can access information
stored in NDS without using JPython to go through the Novell Java

Python running natively on NetWare would be cool too, but using JPython
with a better interface to NDS would be acceptable to me.

I don't have the time or experience to tackle these projects myself,
but I'd be more than willing to participate in a group project.

>- Does any one have experience with this?

I have no experience whatsoever with this, I'm just speculating.

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