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Tim Peters tim_one at
Thu Jun 3 01:30:17 EDT 1999

[Ragica, zzz at, which means he'll probably never see this since
 the mail->news gateway is down]

> I too have posted before asking about how to change the blinding
> (to me) IDLE background colour... and have seen your previous post
> also (and watched avidly for a response to it, as my message got no
> responses... but neither did yours).
> So hopefully someone anwsers this mystery this time! Just to let
> you know that there are others with the same problem who want to
> use IDLE but can't figure out how to change the background colour
> to something tolerable....

Well, it's *Python* code:  you look in the source, find where it sets the
colors, and change 'em to whatever you want.  If you grab the development
IDLE off the CVS repository at, you'll find that it now has a file containing a ColorPrefs class you can fiddle more directly
(but nothing in the development tree is ready for general use -- that's why
it's a development tree <wink>).

start-changing-one-color-and-you'll-end-changing-'em-all-ly y'rs  - tim

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