Python 2.0

Graham Matthews graham at
Tue Jun 1 17:37:05 CEST 1999

Gang Li (gangli at wrote:
: Python is a real programming language.  We should not turn it in to a Java
: extension. I hate someone just want to take Python to Java mass and say 'me 
: too'.  Perl, Tcl/Tk, and Smalltalk have no plan to turn themselves in to a 
: Java extension.  Why Python?  If you love Jave to death, spent all your 
: time to help sun conquer the world. Don't mess with Python.
Graham Matthews <graham at> wrote:
> You are envangelising (a not uncommon response when someone remotely
> criticises Python).
Fredrik Lundh (fredrik at wrote:
: read his message again.  he's saying that Python
: shouldn't be tied to Java.  sure looks like a tech-
: nical argument to me.

I suggest you read his post again Fredrik. The only "reasons" he offers
for why Python shouldn't be "tied to Java" are all hyperbole and
evangelism. No technical content whatsoever.

Graham Matthews <graham at> wrote:
> Stop evangelising and start considering the technical
> issues involve (read (!) other posts for what those issues
> are).
Fredrik Lundh (fredrik at wrote:
: exactly.  and since you seem to imply that you have con-
: sidered those issues, maybe you should follow up on some
: of the "non-envangelising" posts instead of miscrediting
: people who don't happen to agree with you?

I have followed up Fredrik -- cf. posts on classes of references (some
compactable, some not), colouring mark and sweep collectors, JNI, etc.
But then again I should have known better than to start such a thread.


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