Is pcgi usable without Zope?

Paul Everitt paul at
Wed Jun 2 20:19:50 EDT 1999

Lloyd Zusman wrote:
> I have to admit that I'm a bit confused about pcgi these days.  The
> most recent documentation for it was last updated in August, 1998, and
> it still refers to Bobo and Principia.

We're certainly not helping -- I agree that stuff is strewn around all
over the place.
> Now that we have Zope, is pcgi now intimately bundled with it, never
> to emerge on its own again?  Or is there a way to run pcgi without
> Zope?

I don't think PCGI is intimately bundled with Zope.  Neither is the
object publisher, object database, the template system, etc.  All can be
used independently.


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