Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

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Fri Jun 25 20:23:32 CEST 1999

Kevin Dahlhausen <morse at> wrote in message
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> >I'd like some discussion on whether or not it is a good idea to
> >abandon TkInter, before it gets too widely used, and instead adopt
> >wxPython as the primary GUI framework for Python.
    I'm thinking this is too late, actually. :) From my understanding, its
the de-facto standard or whatever, and plenty of people use it already.
Not that that's a good thing.. I find it rather unpleasant that the de-facto
GUI for Python requires you to install a /different/ scripting language
just to run,.. and, does seem to be rather slower then wxPython from the
uses i've had for both... which doesn't surprise me, since Tkinter /does/
have to run through a second scripting-interpreter and all.

> >Having said this, I have to say that I'm in no way a TkInter or a
> >wxPython expert.  I've evaluated both of them and found wxPython to be
> >the winner - and TkInter without a real chance of getting used by me.
    Awhile back I was using Tkinter for a program i'm doing, and was so
incredibly frustrated with it, and my inability to get it to make apps that
look like I want to -- /native/ and still functional. ( I tried to make a
wxListCtrl, ugh!)... Then I ran into wxPython, and have been happy ever
since :)

> I agree with your observations on TK.  I looked at wxPython and some other
> GUIs.  I liked the Fast Light Toolkit API the best.  At least Python
allows us
> to use the best GUI, with 'best' being defined by people according to
their own
> preferences.
    True, 'tis a good thing that people can pick and choose beween GUI's,
but I
still think TK is unsavory. .. to make an app that you want to distribute,
you'd not
only have to install Python on their machine, but TCL too. Yuck. :)

> >P.S. Let's not make a war out of this; I just want to know if there's
> >anybody else who feels wxPython is performing better than TkInter.
> As long as we don't talk about politics,tabs, spaces, and indentation, we
> be fine.

    Do'nt forget garbage collection and perl in those lists of disallowed
topics. :)


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