Extreme Python Testing

Ronald E Jeffries ronERASEjeffries at ERASEacm.org
Fri Jun 18 21:27:58 EDT 1999

On Mon, 07 Jun 1999 23:20:14 -0500, John Dell'Aquila <dellaq2 at pdq.net>

>I admire the Smalltalk "Extreme Programming" methodology enough that
>I'm applying it in my Python development. XP is impossible without an
>automated test framework, so the first thing I did was write a Python
>version of Kent Beck's Testing Framework.

Way ta go John! Glad to see another entry in the Testing Framework
collection. Would you mind if I post it on the armaties XP site?

I'm trying to get JPython going, as soon as that happens, I'll try out
your framework.


Ron Jeffries
Extreme Programmer

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