Is pcgi usable without Zope?

Jeff Bauer jbauer at
Wed Jun 2 09:14:27 EDT 1999

Paul Everitt wrote:
> Lloyd Zusman wrote:
> >
> > I have to admit that I'm a bit confused about pcgi these days.  The
> > most recent documentation for it was last updated in August, 1998, and
> > it still refers to Bobo and Principia.
> We're certainly not helping -- I agree that stuff is strewn around all
> over the place.
> > Now that we have Zope, is pcgi now intimately bundled with it, never
> > to emerge on its own again?  Or is there a way to run pcgi without
> > Zope?
> I don't think PCGI is intimately bundled with Zope.  Neither is the
> object publisher, object database, the template system, etc.  All can be
> used independently.
> --Paul

Argh.  I responded to Lloyd and CC'd the Zope list, but
neglected to include the Python list.  My reply follows.



PCGI is a tiny, yet integral part of Zope for some set of
Zope applications, esp. where a web server front-end 
(e.g. Apache) is desired.

It is possible to run Zope without PCGI (e.g. internal network,
a.k.a. buzzword: 'intranet').  It is also possible to use PCGI 
without Zope.  The pcgitest example is provided to test and 
demonstrate a free-standing PCGI application.

And yet another alternative is to use PCGI with Zope components
(ZPublisher, DocumentTemplate, BoboPOS) to build custom

the-tyranny-of-choice-prevails-ly yr's

Jeff Bauer
Rubicon, Inc.

P.S.  A couple weeks ago I posted a message describing a new
version of pcgi_publisher that would include an inactivity
timer, i.e. would shutdown the LRP automatically after a 
specified period of inactivity.  I think some people may
find such a feature useful for custom PCGI apps.  -JB

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