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Robin Becker robin at
Thu Jun 3 13:04:17 CEST 1999

In article <m3btex4vxu.fsf at tiana.kli.prv>, Gerald Gutierrez
<gutier at> writes
>Hi all.
>I have two questions and I'd really appreciate it if someone could
>help me sort it out.
>My first one -- I'm starting out with Tkinter. I wrote the code below,
>which will supposedly create a button with an image, that image
>changing every second. If I set the button to call swapIcons() when
>pressed, the image changes fine, but using the SpinThread, the icons
>don't change. Is this because Tkinter is not thread-safe and I cannot
>safely change the button's image property from within a thread other
>than the main one?
... code & Q2 elided
I tried this with 1.5.2 + win95 + local gifs and it worked fine for me.
Should I leave it running for a while?
Robin Becker

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