"The Python Way"

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Fri Jun 4 11:01:54 EDT 1999

>>>>> "PP" == Patrick Phalen <pphalen at teleo.net> writes:

    PP> For that matter, what makes me think that Guido and Timbot are
    PP> two different entities?

Well, the one time I was in Boston and had the chance to meet Timbot,
"he" feigned illness.  Guido and Gordon both claim to have met him,
but somehow I think they have vested interests in maintaining the
illusion of Tim-as-not-bot.  Way I see it, making the Timbot code Open
Source is the only moral thing to do.  Besides, wouldn't it be cool to
check out the Python translation of the old Emacs Lisp RMS AI code?


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