IPwP books available, 99cents

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at texoma.net
Mon Jun 21 15:22:34 EDT 1999

I don't think you've misread Python's direction.

This bookstore is not normal bookstore. I don't know what there
sources are, but all of their books are 75% off minimally and none
over $4.99 regardless of original price.

I would suspect the average consumer in this bookstore has never heard
of Python so they end up on the 99 cent shelf simply because they
aren't moving.

Most of their computer books aren't worth buying. 
"Using Netscape 1.0", etc.... :)

However, IPwP has maintained it's value much better than most computer
books. :)


On Mon, 21 Jun 1999 18:03:53 GMT, andy at robanal.demon.co.uk (Andy
Robinson) wrote:

>jhouchin at texoma.net (Jimmie Houchin) wrote:
>>I was visiting a bookstore in Plano, TX yesterday and saw two new
>>copies of Internet Programming with Python on their shelves for $.99,
>>yes 99 cents.
>Well, here in the U.K. they are appearing back on the shelves in the
>good bookstores after a long absence, and still at full price.  I
>really hope your bookstore has misread Python's direction and not
>- Andy Robinson

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