dict vs kjBuckets vs ???

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>>  A million?


>It all depends on how much memory you have and how well the hash function is
>working.  Note that dicts work hard to "randomize" the addresses at which
>they store keys, so memory locality can be terrible.  But if there's no
>pattern to customer ID accesses, locality would be terrible in a 1M array

In some book on algorithms I've read that after inserting limited
number of items performance of operating on hash tables 
drops dramatically. I plan to write a program that would store
lots (in range of 10M or even more) of relatively small objects
(a few hundred bytes at most), so what do you think I should use? I
thought about dictionaries, kjBuckets, or maybe even library called
Metakit for Python

what-do-you-think-ly y'rs

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