Scripting Telnet

Michael Bell michaelb at
Fri Jun 11 06:39:53 EDT 1999

Once upon a time there was a Python solution called PIPE (for Python 
Interactive Process Enabler), put together by John Croix. I've got 
version 0.1, but it's dated 1997.

Did this project go anywhere?  I did a quick search of but 
didn't find anything.

On 6/11/99, 11:15:38 AM, claird at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Cameron Laird) 
wrote regarding Re: Scripting Telnet:

> Bob Horvath  <bob at> wrote:
>                       .
> >Well, the tcl based expect is probably the most appropriate tool for 
such a
> >thing, but there is a pythonized version(s) of it as well.  The one I 
> >think of is ExpectPy, 
(, but
> >I seem to remember seeing at least one other one.
> >

> You're probably thinking of <URL:>.

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