A newbie learns... [Part 1]

Hans Nowak ivnowa at hvision.nl
Wed Jun 2 15:37:46 EDT 1999

On 2 Jun 99, Gregory A. Landrum wrote:

> Howdy,
> I'm in the process of learning python, Tkinter and all that good
> stuff. I'm doing this by writing an application which, hopefully, will
> actually be useful.  Along the way, I'm experimenting and playing and
> trying to figure out how to make things go faster/better.
> What I figure is that as I find tricks which I think might be useful
> to other people trying to learn python, I'll post them.  Mabye other
> newbies will also find them useful.  
> If people find this a waste of time/space/electrons, let me know and I
> won't continue.

On the contrary, I think it's very useful. I'll try to extract pieces 
of it and put them on my snippets page. 
(http://www.hvision.nl/~ivnowa/snippets) Of course, if you happen to 
have little example scripts which run out of the box, it would be 
very nice if you'd like to send me some.  ^_^

(The snippets site should be updated Real Soon Now; I have a new PC 
now, but everything (snippets, site, Python-DX, etc) is still on the 
old one. It might take a while before the updated site is up.)

Veel liefs,

--Hans Nowak (ivnowa at hvision.nl)
Homepage: http://fly.to/zephyrfalcon

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