Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

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> Hi,

> Also, can anyone comment on the features available in TkInter and
> wxPython - perhaps even make a feature comparison chart?
> [1] By sluggish I mean: You can see, or at least sense, the window
> update operations.  Windows are not drawn instantly, but in visually
> detectable steps.

Tkinter , or tk in general has got several advantages:
 - it's reasonably extended in the free soft community.
 - there's some packages : tix, blt

If you think a commercial system should be faster, take a look at
Java Swing running in Netscape, I've seen windows scrollings where the
, buttons and combo boxes blink like crazy horses. ha-ha-ha, a
system fast ?
And if you want to switch why not to gtk ?
Anyway tk seems far more extensible than any other thing .


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