Drag and dropable scripts on NT

Bill Wilkinson yopen at my-deja.com
Sat Jun 26 16:58:36 EDT 1999

There are several ways to do this, here is one:

make a .bat file that says this:
   "c:\program files\python\python.exe" c:\temp\drag.py %1
use the correct path to your python.exe. replace drag.py with your
script name.

make a shortcut on your desktop that points to your .bat file.

use sys.argv[1] to get the name of the file to be acted on.

For example, this script:
import sys
a = sys.argv[1]
print a

will return the name of the file dragged onto the icon.

Hope this helps
Bill Wilkinson

In article <376F5312.C404B9E0 at arch.sel.sony.com>,
  Peter <peterb at arch.sel.sony.com> wrote:
> I'm interested in packaging up some Python code such that I can drop a
> file
> onto the script icon and have it do it's thing...
> I have the script working fine. Don't know where to turn to figure out
> the
> next step.
> Thanks -

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