"Programming Python" still worthwhile?

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On Wed, 9 Jun 1999 10:46:14 +0200, "Monika Göhmann"
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>"Learning Python" is just great!! I have only started reading but it already
>answered many of my newbie-questions. Some time ago I tried reading

I will agree with this, it seems to be a good book for beginners (both
at programming and Python). It was the first Python book that I
purchased, and would reccomend it for either a beginner or a more
experienced programmer who is new at Python.

>"Programming Python" but I find it quite hard to digest. LP seems much more
>readable for the beginner IMHO.

"Programming Python" seems to be more oriented to an experienced
programmer. I particularly liked the follow a simple application
approach from start to end. The book does jump around a bit however,
and I would only reccomend it for someone who is a somewhat
experienced programmer, who wants to learn Python. I do wish it came
with a more up to date CD however. 

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