Python for large projects?

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Sun Jun 27 14:01:01 EDT 1999

"Darrell" <news at> writes:

> > If it is only one object, one can try to wrap it in a class and
> > overwrite setattr, setitem etc.
> > This would inhibit that one changes the buffer data accidently. And
> > put the data into an immutable sequence type (string, tuple).
> >
> > __Janko
> >
> I'll give that a look, but they can always get to it if they want. Maybe
> that's ok, just worries me.
> --Darrell

If you are really really worried about not letting code you let the
user write mucking up your internals, use RExec. I don't think there's
any other way, and I believe it's pretty configurable, although I
haven't used it myself.


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