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Thu Jun 10 22:39:46 EDT 1999

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  "Rick Rankin" <Rick_Rankin-P15254 at> wrote:
> I'm trying to install 1.5.2 on my Windows NT system. I previously had
> beta 2 installed, which I uninstalled before trying to install the
> release. When I try to run the installer (py152.exe), I immediately
get a
> dialog box that says "Corrupt installation detected".
> I'm sure the downloaded installer is not corrupt. I opened it in
WinZip and
> used the test function. All files in the archive tested fine. Has
> seen this before?
> Thanks,
> Rick Rankin
> Motorola SATCOM
Nope. I know that you tested the archive but just as a matter of
interest: how large (in bytes) is the version you downloaded?
Another question: if you downloaded the file per FTP, I trust that your
FTP client downloaded it in binary mode? Not goading - just haven't
noticed this problem in similar circumstances over various NT 4.0 -
py152.exe installations.

Florent Heyworth

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