[JPYTHON] Installation Problems

Ronald E Jeffries ronERASEjeffries at ERASEacm.org
Sat Jun 19 03:24:32 CEST 1999

Thought I'd try XP in Python, so I just downloaded JPython1.1beta2 and
when I installed it with JView, got this:

D:\Downloading\jpython>jview JPython11beta2
InstallShield JavaTM Edition
Extracting installation code................................done
Failed to execute MakeScriptAction

The files all appear to be in the directory I chose. There's a
"jpython", and a "jpython.jar".

However, when I type jpython at the DOS prompt, I get the dreaded

Bad command or file name

I'm supposing this is because the MakeScriptAction didn't run.

Suggestions welcome!

Also ... is there an IDE of any kind available for Python yet ... or
at least something that will get me out of the DOS box?


Ron Jeffries
Extreme Programmer

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