Python ActiveX Scripting interface

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Wed Jun 9 18:34:08 EDT 1999

Paul Moore wrote in message <375ecca3.3972892 at>...

>Collecting Python Trace Output...
> ScriptEngine QI - unknown IID {4954E0D0-FBC7-11D1-8410-006008C3FBFC}
>Traceback (innermost last):
>  File "E:\Applications\Python\win32com\client\", line 247,
>in _make_method_
>    fn = self._builtMethods_[name] = tempNameSpace[name]
>KeyError: print

Hmm.  This is a bug.  There was a bug that IE5 has a "print" method, and
this being a reserved word upset Python.  All reserved words are translated,
but it appears this one is not.

I will try and recreate this soon.  But I am short of time.  Would you like
to help?  If so, mail me.

>Interesting - the IID it can't find is IActiveScriptProperty. What's
>that? It's not mentioned in MSDN (not even the online version on the
>MSDN web site, which I assume is fairly up to date...)

That is almost certainly not the problem.  There are a number of interfaces
QI'd for that we dont implement.


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