Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Jun 9 22:22:03 EDT 1999

> Which "hoary old theoretical arguments" are you talking about Tim.

The historical literature is rampant with them.  If you feel I was accusing
*you* of making them in this particular leaf of the thread, sorry, that's
just a misunderstanding.

> I said "copying memory *can* speed applications up". That is an
> observable reality.

I agreed.  Also said it can slow them down, and gave a pointer to the most
helpful accessible reference I know of, for the benefit of anyone

> Where are the hoary theoretical arguments?

See the Jones & Lins book for a lucid presentation-- and debunking --of

> Or is this just more of the same old bluff and bluster arguing.

Nope -- still too busy beating my wife, I guess <wink>.

oh-damn-now-i-have-to-get-married-ly y'rs  - tim

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