Python for large projects?

Janko Hauser jhauser at
Sun Jun 27 03:28:08 EDT 1999

"Darrell" <news at> writes:

> Good or bad, this is one C++ guys aren't comfortable with. The project I'm
> on now will allow people with minimal programming experience to write a
> little python to control the larger application. One of my primary concerns
> is performance and an optimization relies on them not changing a large
> buffer, only look at it. So the people I don't trust aren't on my team. What
> was it Murphy said ? "If it can go wrong"
> I'm tempted to do this object in C++.
> Agreed using __ to hide a name doesn't seem worth while.

If it is only one object, one can try to wrap it in a class and
overwrite setattr, setitem etc. 
This would inhibit that one changes the buffer data accidently. And
put the data into an immutable sequence type (string, tuple).


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