Created a Python module for ID3 MP3 tag manipulation

Timothy R Evans tre17 at
Mon Jun 14 03:25:54 CEST 1999

Ben Gertzfield <che at> writes:

> Hey, Pythoners! Just a quick announcement that I've created a Python
> module for easy manipulation of ID3 tags on MP3 files.  These tags
> generally involve the title, artist, and other information about the
> file. I've mailed webmaster at and submitted it to
> Freshmeat, so I hope it can be of use to you all.
> The home-page for the module is at:

A quick pendantic note here:

Just out of interest this code apperas to do the same thing as the C
program `id3' by Robert Woodcock, so his warning also applies here.

=== from the `id3' manpage
       The ID3 format has some shortcomings.  There  is  a  1  in
       16777216  chance of your mp3 having a certain bit-pattern,
       causing id3 to write over the last 128 bytes of  your  mp3
       upon  tag  creation. Also because the ID3 format is space-
       padded, not null-padded, trailing spaces will  be  ignored
       by most players. Any bugs found in id3 should be forwarded
       to the author, Robert Woodcock <rcw at>.

This is more of a problem with the id3 `standard' than with anything
else.  There is a small chnace that your mp3 file will contain the
data "TAG" at just the wrong place.

Tim Evans

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