Pythonwin - advise sought

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Thu Jun 10 13:41:28 CEST 1999

I am looking at Pythonwin as an alternative to Tk and would appreciate advice on
the following three questions.

The Pythonwin documentation points to MFC documents as a source of information.
The MSDN site has:'''

Q1:  Are there better sources which can be recommended?

The code fragment below:

       code1= "win32ui.CreateFileDialog(1)"
       fd= eval(code)

     produces the result:

     object 'PyCFileDialog' - assoc is 007CC240, vf=False,
     notify=0,ch/u=0/0, mh=0,kh=0

Q2.  What do these various symbols and their values mean?

    type(fd) returns the type of the class.

Q3.  Is there some way that one can test that fd is an instance of some class,
any class?

Thanks for any help.

Colin W.
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