Alien whitespace eating nanovirus strikes again!

Martijn Faassen faassen at
Mon Jun 7 04:34:55 EDT 1999

Jim Meier wrote:
> David Schere's python wrapper, available from the same place as mine. 

Where o where was this again. :)

> > I'm rambling about Python these days. Yesterday I read a paper from
> > Guido about how he was thinking about bringing Python (or some successor
> > language) to *billions* of users. :)
> Just think of all the nasty code _that_ would generate... I can't 
> beleive some of the English that some people speak, and am horrified to think 
> that when I'm 30, I might end up teaching "Python Literacy" to a group of bored 
> and whiny (and by that point, negative-attention-spanned) high school students 
> and trying to explain the design philosophy of "The-Right-Way"... !!

You have to do your Duty for the Cause.. :) Yeah, Guido also talks about
the nasty code that would be produced. Apparently they have some ideas
for a development environment to make this less of a problem, though not
much appears to be known about that development environment yet.



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