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Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at
Thu Jun 3 20:45:56 CEST 1999

>>>>> "jeremy" ==   <jeremy at> writes:

    jeremy> Since about last Thursday, messages I have sent to
    jeremy> python-list at haven't been showing up at Deja
    jeremy> News. I would assume they also aren't showing up in the
    jeremy> newsgroup, but I'm not sure.

For some miraculous reason, it appears as if CNRI's internal upstream
feed has -- just today -- become unwedged.  It looks like we may have
lost[1] gatewayed messages posted to the mailing list between 5/27 and
5/31, but that anything posted 6/1 until today seems to have gotten

Our sysadmins, and Jeremy and I looked at our dnews installation and
none of us know why it broke, or why it suddenly got unjammed (tho' I
suspect DNS problems might have caused the original breakage).

Those of you who post to the list via python-list at, please
keep an eye out on to make sure messages are making it off
our news server.  One good rule of thumb that Jeremy had: if you don't
see a posting on Usenet from Tim for a couple of days, there might be
a problem :)

If WCTW, I'll point the gateway directly at our upstream UUnet news
server, but I'd rather not do that since it'll probably cause
duplicates in one direction or the other.


[1] lost means the messages didn't get propagated to Usenet.  They did 
make it to the Pipermail archive though:

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