Broken 1.5.2 installation? Missing cw3215mt.dll

Tim Peters tim_one at
Thu Jun 10 21:10:22 EDT 1999

[Mike C. Fletcher]
> Just downloaded the latest 1.5.2 for installation.  Did the
> installation and got an error message telling me that the
> above-mentioned file is not on the path.  Indeed, it does not
> seem to exist anywhere on the machine.  I'm pretty sure this is
> part of TCL (the cygnus TCL distribution has a file named
> cw3215.dll).  However, I have no idea where to get it.

Very strange!  I don't have a cw3215mt.dll, but do have a cw3215.dll.
Presumably the former is a multi-threaded ("mt") version of the latter.  The
strings in the latter identify it as verion 1.5 of the runtime for Borland
C++ 4.50.  So bug Borland, or search the web for this name.  Several
packages out there appear to distribue *some* dll with this name.

BTW, *when* did this error pop up?  It's unclear.  That is, did the
installation complete (in which case what does the error have to do with the
installation?), or did it occur during the install (in which case exactly
when during the install)?  There's no mention of cw*.dll in either the
Tcl/Tk or Python install logs left behind by my 1.5.2 installation.  Makes
me wonder whether the installer itself needs this DLL.

just-another-day-in-dll-hell-ly y'rs  - tim

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