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Fri Jun 4 20:26:15 EDT 1999

On Fri, 04 Jun 1999 00:09:15 GMT, Sam Schulenburg <sams at>

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>  druid at wrote:
>> If I enter the following code (or any other using raw_input for that
>> matter) into idle's shell it works, when trying to run it from a file
>> (new window, edit it, save it then run it, nada)
>> def f():
>>     x=raw_input("ladida:")
>>     print x
>> f()
>> systems involved are a win98 and an nt4 machines, tcl version 8.0.5,
>> Python 1.5.2. The same code works under the plain Python interactive
>> shell, and pythonwin, but not idle. Any ideas?

>I just tried your sample under windows NT with IDLE 0.4 and it worked OK
>Sam Schulenburg

If typed or directly imported into idle it does work. When doing the
following it did not work (specifically the print statement was never

Ctrl-N (New Window)
type in the code
Ctrl-S (Save)
F5    (Run module)

It does not work. I found a similar post back on deja about a few
months back, but could not find a resolution for it posted. 
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