extension called from embedded code

Henk Jansen rdr_nl at my-deja.com
Tue Jun 15 06:23:03 EDT 1999

Trying to get the most out off the C++/Python team I run into problems
when I try to load extension modules (written in C, like kjbuckets or
ranlib) from Python code that is embedded in a C++ application. The API
I use is 'PyRun_SimpleString("import kjbuckets\n");' and causes
unresolved symbol error messages from the Python interpreter (e.g.
PyType_Type for kjbucketsmodule.so and PyExc_RuntimeError for
ranlib.so). Loading these modules when Python is in control goes fine.
Has anyone any idea how to do this?


 Henk Jansen -- Delft University of Technology -- Dept. of Mathematics
 hjansen at math.tudelft.nl

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