Python 2.0

Yukihiro Matsumoto matz at
Tue Jun 1 23:24:13 EDT 1999

aahz at (Aahz Maruch) writes:

|In addition to Paul's excellent comments, if one is writing an
|interactive process, one cannot afford the unpredictability of random
|garbage collection.  Garbage collection could run in a thread, but then
|one is restricted to environments where threads are well-supported.

Well, in <87n1ykr0z9.fsf at> I said:

|From my experience with Scheme and Ruby, both with real GC, the real
|GC is mostly very fast.  Fast enough no one notices its "hang" on most
|cases.  The legend was formed up by old GC implementation and slower
|machines of the past, I guess.

You can see STk (Scheme Tk, of cource with real GC) works just fine
for interactive process.

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