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> You also seem to believe that with GC finalisation will disappear. Why
> do you believe that (a lot of GC schemes have finalisation). 

You might misunderstand Donn's saying.  As far as I understand,
he says that explicit finalization (or close call, in your
wording) disappears if reference counting is used; finalization
will be done implicitly with destructor such as __del__(self)
all at the expected time then.

> Finally I
> believe you are mis-using finalisation if you use it to close up files,
> sockets, etc. That's what close calls are for.

You are all right in some other languages.  However, if we adopt
such a manner as Pythonic style, we would have to write the code
like this:

	a = SomeClass(....)
	try: something with a...

instead of providing the __del__ method for SomeClass once and
for all.

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