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Fri Jun 11 21:45:09 EDT 1999

"Tim Peters" <tim_one at> wrote:

>Hard to weigh that against the probable increases in memory and runtime;
>and, philosophically, you gotta admit it's a mess.  OTOH, the combo of
>finalizers, cycles and resurrection seems to be a philosophical mess even in
>languages that take it all <ahem> seriously.
>Don't know, Guido!  I could live happily with it provided it didn't slow
>things down much, and especially provided I don't think about the semantics
>at all <wink>.  But then I'm not a __del__-lover to begin with.  Anyone
>following this who is?

All of my recent __del__ methods have been similar to a file object, where
__del__ calls self.close and the close method must expect to be called more than

I would be happy for a m&s to just call __close__, multiple times if necessary,
trusting the user to manually break any cycles.

>resurrection-should-be-reserved-to-gods-ly y'rs  - tim

Toby Dickenson

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