Why is tcl broken?

David Thornley thornley at visi.com
Sat Jun 19 13:20:22 EDT 1999

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Chris Ebenezer  <chriseb at nortelnetworks.com> wrote:
>thornley at visi.com (David Thornley) writes:
>: >Why use TK at all ?  Once you are using scheme anyway there are nicer
>: >widget toolkits to use (from a point of view of more "normal" looking
>: >toolkits that don't suffer from color allocation problems),  there are
>: >bindings for guile and gtk and guile and Qt. 
>: >
>: The attraction, to me, would be that Tk is a free, open-source
>: graphics environment that will run on Unix with X-Windows, the
>: Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows.  CLIM is commercial, Garnet last
I haven't gotten any responses that indicate that there's anything
besides Tk that meets the requirements I've specified:  free (in some
sense or another), open source (in some sense or another) and running
on MacOS, Microsoft Windows and X Windows.  Apparently Qt is free in
a very restricted sense, and doesn't run on MacOS.

>Hi David,
>If you want something that is completely free (in the GNU sense) go to
>http://www.gtk.org/, scroll down until you reach the bit on the sidebar
>that reads "Language Bindings".  You should be able to get guile-gtk
>from there.
I'm willing to consider free in the GNU sense, but GTK claims to be
for X under Unix.  I didn't see anything about GTK for the Macintosh
(yes, I have heard RMS discuss Apple Corporation) or Microsoft Windows,
aside from a note from somebody porting it in his spare time.  Given
that I have limited spare time, I'm interested in a toolkit that I can
use on the Mac without doing my own port first.  (Besides, the impression
I get from the discussion on the MS Windows port is that GTK was
designed for X Windows and Unix, and is unnecessarily hard to port
compared to a toolkit designed with a wider focus to begin with.)

It still looks like Tk is the best available graphics package for my

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