Questions; freeze, tkinter, internet connection...

Remco Gerlich scarblac-spamtrap at
Sun Jun 27 13:51:47 EDT 1999

I need to make a few programs that will be given to our clients,
with which they can periodically enter some information that will
be mailed to us. I'd like to do it in Python, since I recently
learned it and I'm in love with its readability, mainly. I also
expect development to be very quick. Before I can decide to use
it I need a few answers though, hopefully someone here can help :)

I understand I can use Freeze and the compiled Python/Tk program
will work on Win32 without needing anything else installed?

The FAQ says that Freeze "maybe works with Visual C++ 6.0".
Does it? (can't test, I don't own any version yet)

Can I use the extensions to Tk like BLT or Tix? I'd like to use
tab bars...

I've seen the examples of how to send mail and so on, but how do
I know if there is a connection to the Net at the moment? How do I
start a dial-in if there isn't any yet? 

Now if I can get one thing to work well with Python, I'll convince
my boss we should use it a lot more...
Remco Gerlich,  scarblac at

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