Python 2.0

Graham Matthews graham at
Fri Jun 4 10:32:38 EDT 1999

Hisao Suzuki (suzuki611 at wrote:
: Me too.  And I am afraid that some evangelists would do nothing
: but _only_ point out Python's some so-called fault in order to
: drive us into convert to their favorite or invented language...

I am sorry Hisao but this is pure fantasy. This kind of "anyone
suggesting improvement to Python is a critic" mentality pervades
this thread and this newsgroup. Can you give even one example of
where someone has tried to convert anyone to another language in
this thread? The only other language mentioned in this thread is
Ruby, and the author of the article about Ruby was very clear to
point out that he was reporting his experience with GC in Ruby
and not evangelising it. If you cannot give an example then what
you write above is fantasy. 

Hisao Suzuki (suzuki611 at wrote:
: Anyway, as you say, I'd think that we need an actual experience.

But people do have experience with GC. Sure that experience is not
in Python, but why do you believe that GC in Python will be radically
different to GC in any other language?

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