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>Brenda <bbailey08 at> wrote:
>: I have a bunch of perl libraries that I would like to call in my python
>: scripts.  Is this possible?
>It is possible;  Tkinter utilizes an embedded Tk interpreter.  You
>would have to write a Perl interpreter.  There may be some people
>around who might help you with that.  I'm in the middle of embedding
>another interpreter myself.
>I've found that it is more efficient (and more fun) to convert the
>libraries to Python.  The code is invariably clearer.
There's an even grosser approach that I've semi-automated.
I build Perl scripts as strings from within Python, and
send them out to an external (Perl) process for execution.

The automation part is that I have conventions for expressing
variable references so I can get data to flow conveniently
back and forth.  It's only "semi-", 'cause I tinker with
exception-handling and such most times I use it.

When do I use it?  Typically, when CPAN has something I
want in Python.  I do a cognate translation of the CPAN
interface into Python, and steal the implementation from our
Perl colleagues.  When it becomes important enough, or I
make time for fun, I rewrite the implementation in Python.

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