Why is tcl broken?

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Thu Jun 10 18:00:40 CEST 1999

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>> >If so, does speed ever become an issue? I assume that Tk works well
>> Rarely.  Much less often than the uninitiated
>> suspect.
>That's the impression I have. But then, what are those `less often' cases?
>(Besides trying to do silly things, like writing a fast-paced  video game in Tk)
Tk's bad at pixel-oriented graphics; its [canvas]
is designed for higher-order manipulations (and
can be breathtakingly effective for many inter-
esting tasks).  People coming from other paradigms
can usually find ways to misuse Tk into sluggish-
ness.  The Unicode stuff in 8.1 is still being
shaken down; severe performance issues have turned
up there, but plenty of fixes are available and
are gradually being worked into the core.

If you're doing things that fit well in [canvas]es
and [text]s, you'll go far with Tk.  Several
widgets that moderns expect are *not* available
in the standard core, and some of the extensions
that provide them are not high in performance.

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