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Fernando Mato Mira matomira at iname.com
Tue Jun 15 16:37:46 CEST 1999

Fernando Pereira wrote:

> In article <376621CF.88C95B5E at iname.com>, Fernando Mato Mira
> No time? You do seem to have plenty of time to flood several language

No time to read a philosophy of `closed mindness' that I don't share.
What is off-topic to you is not to everyone. For comp.lang, I rarely
look outside of comp.lang.lisp. Even comp.object, which would be
a natural environment for me was going unread. And if a comp.lang.misc
exists, who said the `people that know' looks there?

If all you do is code in your own favorite language, this kind of
will obviously not be intersting to you.

And nobody still gave me a reason why I should look beyond
the www.python.org front page (I'd already been there).

I'm out of here. If one of the previous flamers wants to send me email
that question, you're welcome to do so. But I won't waste any more time
defending myself and showing other points of view regarding crossposting
to dogmatic people that think that when an authority puts up a web page,
it must obviously be `the truth'.
Actually, you should read that better. The first sentence says

Obviously, comp.lang.python falls into the generality. No one from
any other group complained, even when I explicitly pointed out something
that "they" (i.e. I'm part of them) might not like. What does that say
about you?

[The cool people around (including _every_single_one_ who stood up for
  please excuse me (specially Guido, since I have a hunch he must be a
really cool guy).
  I'm not talking about you. But really, this infuriates me so much,
  if someone asks me what I think about Python I'll probably just answer
"Don't go there"]

You can cheer now.

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