Problem with Curses

T.E.Dickey dickey at
Mon Jun 21 05:20:58 EDT 1999

Klaus-Juergen Wolf <kjwolf at> wrote:
>  > Why doesn't Freebsd know the terminfo database? Can't the one that is 
>  > integrated into ncurses be used on FreeBSD? 

> Some versions in the past still knew it, but, it seems, nowadays,
> termcap is the only valid standard for declaring terminal interactions.
> In fact, NCurses _is_ integrated into FreeBSD, the bridge between the
> two systems is libmytinfo, it seems. mytinfo now declares tputs(),
> which termcap also also declares, therefore, there is a small conflict,
> if you don't link them libraries in the correct order.

no.  mytinfo is a rather old/nonstandard interface for terminfo (my copy of
FreeBSD comes with no documentation for it ;-), which is used to support an
old (read: obsolete & buggy) version of ncurses.

Thomas E. Dickey
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