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> Fernando Mato Mira wrote:
> > [For example, I can think the Eiffel syntax is `philosophically' broken, but
> > as `infix' syntaxes go, it is not. And it's a good language (I programmed
> Correction. There's one thing broken. The Subject Oriented syntax,
> but as Eiffel was started in '85, I guess that is understandable.
> Ada 95 got this one right. Unfortunately, the semantics qualify as
> `multiply broken' regarding this issue:
> 1. They thought about multiple dispatch, and they broke it on
> purpose. 2. If you specialize on more than one parameter, it should
> be the same type specifier
>      for all of them, i.e. only applicable to predicates, copying,
>      arithmetic and
> things like that,
>      not useful most of the times one wants several specializers. 3.
> Worse of all, instead of just adopting a left-to-right precedence
> rule, one that looks very
>      ugly was added, increasing the complexity of a document that is
>      already big
> enough.
> In '95, at VRAI we refocused our application from AI-oriented to
> (soft) real-time. I grabbed the 9X specs, and the initial excitement
> turned to dissapointment (the prototype was in CLOS). Moving would
> have not only meant losing a lot in flexibility, but, worse of all,
> we would move only from being third-class to second-class citizens
> (SGI platform). And I would have rather dedicate the extra effort to
> CL. So after a little successful experience, and given the simpler
> requirements, we went with C++. Needless to say, the project became
> a death march. You don't go with C++ unless you can afford paying
> 5-10 times more for a lot less functionality.
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