do anonymous pipes normally work on NT?

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Sun Jun 20 19:55:35 EDT 1999

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  Georg Mischler <schorsch at> wrote:
> Bill Tutt wrote:
> > After digging through this stuff, I went back and looked at the
code I
> had
> > written for win32popen.cpp. I realized that I had forgotten why I
> Uh oh, Bill...
> If you should ever happen to visit the Munich Oktoberfest,
> please remind me that I owe you a few beer!
> Thanks a lot for all the tips and bug hunting!


(I) never dug up the source - but I still spent 3 hours of my time
trying to get your code to work...... do I get a beer at the Fest 8-)?

Florent Heyworth

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