Python 2.0

Paul Boddie paulb at
Fri Jun 4 11:47:15 CEST 1999

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> sure looks like the "community" thinks that changing the
> language is more important that using it...

Improvements should always be considered if Python is to continue to get better
- not that it isn't very good already. However, there is a difference between
those suggestions which genuinely attempt to improve Python "under the hood",
and those which are primarily concerned with changing the syntax. The latter
often seem to stem from the desire to import "cool tricks" from other languages
rather than genuinely improve the language.

It would arguably be better if people concentrated their attention on
applications of Python through the development and usage of modules rather than
getting bogged down with issues which aren't necessarily going to increase the
adoption of Python (of concern to those who feel confident in a larger
community), or make it appropriate or more convenient for a larger number of

Just as applications sell operating systems, so modules "sell" languages. Well,
why else would Perl be as successful as it is? (Ruling out for a moment that it
all wasn't a big accident resulting from fortuitous timing.)


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