tkinter and signals

Pierre Imbaud pierre at
Sat Jun 12 06:40:44 EDT 1999

Hi everyone.
Im quite new to tkinter. I try to make a program using tkinter, that
is able to listen to some signals: read a pipe, perform periodic
actions. I first tried with SIGALRM, with a widget changing fg color
every second. I dont wait() for SIGALRM, just return in mainloop().
the behavior I get is: I need the mouse to hover on the app, to get
the SIGALRM signal. My diagnostic, right or wrong is: in the mainloop,
the idle state is a wait() for a signal (dunno which) related to an X
event. In this state, an unwaited signal just wont wake up the
It just occurs to me threads might be the solution: for every possible
signal source, spawn a thread that will explicitly wait for this
signal? Im not familiar with thread either, so I better wait for a
confirmation from someone who knows....
Oh, btw, Im using Solaris 2.5.1 on X86 (its an Unix V.4)
Thanks for answering!

Pierre Imbaud <pierre at>
12 Rue des Bosquets 91480 Quincy Sous Sénart France
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