Graham Matthews graham at
Wed Jun 9 20:22:57 CEST 1999

> But the reality is that copying memory can in fact speed applications
> up! Think about locality of reference after you have copied all live
> blocks to the start of memory.
Tim Peters (tim_one at wrote:
: LOR is an unrelated issue, and harder to analyze.  Yes, copying can speed
: applications.  It can also slow them.  "Although copying garbage collectors
: have predominated in the past, recent studies suggest that the choice
: between mark-sweep and copying garbage collection may well depend as much on
: the behavior of the client program as on the inherent properties of the
: garbage collection algorithm" [Jones & Lins, "Garbage Collection", Wiley,
: 1996].  The hoary old theoretical arguments really aren't worth crap in this
: field <0.5 wink>.

Which "hoary old theoretical arguments" are you talking about Tim.
I said "copying memory *can* speed applications up". That is an
observable reality. Where are the hoary theoretical arguments? Or 
is this just more of the same old bluff and bluster arguing.

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